We are so pleased to announce the B CALM™ Eye Pillow, made exclusively for and in collaboration with B Yoga. 

The B CALM™ Eye Pillow is hand-made with love to enhance your state of calm and relaxation during savasana or before sleep. Filled with flaxseed and dried lavender flowers, our eye pillow is designed to apply a subtle pressure on the eyes, at either room temperature or warmed in the microwave. The hand-dyed casing is removable and washable.

We hand-dye and sew every single one right here in Toronto, Canada.

If you are interested in wholesaling these little beauties, send your inquiries to

Just for YOU -- The B CALM Eye Pillow

Taking the time and space just for you. Relax, restore and B CALM.

by Arin Takeuchi on January 17, 2017

It is the end of a long day. You still have about 100 things on your to-do list, but as your promised yourself in the past, you will always carve out time in the day for you.

Savasana has never felt quite so sweet as it does right now. Arms extended, palms facing up. Shoulder blades gently pressed into the floor beneath you. Your legs are long with your ankles and feet externally rotated, wilting to either side of your mat. Chin is slightly tucked, the back of your neck long and the breath begins to become full. 

Now the cherry on top: your eye pillow. Warm from its 45 seconds in the microwave, the soft cotton is applying a gentle pressure to your eyelids, as the lavender scent begins to waft and relax your senses. 

Ah, this is bliss.


Samantha Stephens (founder and designer of Samyoga) is a yogi, teacher and artist. Residing in B Yoga’s home of Toronto, Canada, Sam produces all her creations with love, in this wonderful city. The B CALM Eye Pillow was made in collaboration with Samyoga to give not only every-yogi, but everybody the experience channeled above. 


Why an eye-pillow?

Growing the B Yoga product line is something that we have always been passionate about and is a constant work in progress. Meeting Sam seemed to be fate. She allowed us an outlet to focus a product on our customer’s restorative and meditation practice versus only focusing on products directed toward a more physical, solely asana based, practice.

An eye pillow can be used during savasana, other reclined restorative postures and before sleep. It can be room temperature or warmed in the microwave. When placed on the eyes it applies a subtle pressure that helps balance the nervous system and can have a multitude of health benefits as discussed by Yoga Journal here (ranging from lowered heart rate, improved digestion and a more restful sleep).


Why THIS eye-pillow?

Sam is an artist! Each B CALM Eye Pillow has been hand-dyed and sewn in small batches, made with love and a personal touch.

As a team we decided on the “Tidal Blue” colour to reflect the calmness, yet ever flowing nature of water and the ocean. Because each pillow is hand-dyed individually, no two pillows will be identical. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.


Why lavender scented?

Lavender oil has been known to have natural properties to reduce nervous tension and reduce anxiety, also therefore aiding in insomnia, restlessness and depression.


What is it made of and how do I clean it?

The B CALM Eye Pillow is made of cotton material and filled with flaxseed and dried lavender flowers. The tidal blue casing can be taken off the eye pillow and put into your cold water wash (lay flat to dry).


B Yoga meets Samyoga have been excited to provide yogis with the B CALM Eye Pillow since early last year. Stay tuned for more products to elevate your practice and allow every-yogi to hit your mat and just B You!